The Joyce Ivy Foundation maintains a list of recommended resources to aid students, families, and educators find helpful in the college search process.

We hope you find these resources helpful. Check back for regularly for updates.

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College Search & Application

College Admissions Deadlines

The Joyce Ivy Foundation has compiled a list of deadlines and admissions programs at highly selective colleges. You should always confirm with a college the deadlines for applying for admission and financial aid, but this resource can help get you started. Download it here.

Financial Aid

Other Educational Opportunities

Students also ask us about other educational opportunities beyond Joyce Ivy supported summer academic programs. Here are some ideas, shared with us by students, families, educators, and volunteers.

Semester Programs

Many of these programs offer need-based financial aid. Students typically spend a semester during junior (or sometimes senior) year studying with other students from across the country.

Foreign Language Study

Secondary School Summer Programs

Many independent secondary schools offer summer programs that bring together students from all over the country — in some cases, the world — to engage in academic study, athletics and social activities. There is financial aid available for many of these programs.