Since our founding in 2006, supporters of the Joyce Ivy Foundation have contributed over

$1 million to support over 300 Summer Scholars.

Profile of the 2013 Summer Scholars cohort:

  • 79 Summer Scholars
  • 69 high schools
  • 6 states
  • 8 college campuses
  • $316,000 financial aid support

The annual Joyce Ivy College Admissions Symposium brings together over 400 students, families, educators, high school counselors, admissions officers, local alumni, and volunteers.

100% of Summer Scholars matriculate at selective, four-year colleges.

90% of Summer Scholars say that they raise their college aspirations as a direct result of their participation with the Joyce Ivy Foundation. This means they expand their college application lists to include more academically rigorous and selective institutions, and they apply to a more geographically diverse set of institutions.

70% of Summer Scholars apply to the college where their summer program was held.